Government’s e-Market – GEM

Government has launched its e-Marketplace Portal – GEM (Government’s e-Market) Recently one of my friends asked me about GEM. What are the functions and how it works? So, I go in deep and thought let me create an article about GEM, because there may lots of people, who either don’t know about it or want […]

What actually the smart city is?

Smart City Smart People Hello friends, as we all know that our city Dahod has nominated for Smart City project. But have you ever think : How Dahod can be a real Smart City ? We, the people of Dahod need to be Smart first. We need to change bad habits, thinking, behavior and more. […]

Invest in Mutual Fund, Smart Investment

Investing in Financial Schemes We often listen, people talking about Mutual fund to earn. But how can we invest in Mutual fund? Remain apprehensive on the subject or say they are unaware of how they can invest in Mutual fund. It is curious to know the process of investing. We may have tried Google by […]

Our kids adopt technologies faster than we do

Advice for Parenting in a Digital World Our kids adopt technologies faster than we do. We all feel that our children “never do that” Or maybe you know well that they do that but do not know how those things they have done or have seen to deal with. Either way, it is important to […]

Update Your Software Regularly

Update Your Software Regularly You may have got an alert to update the operating system and computer software or mobile OS. But you may have postponed the same update on next day, week, or even months. Either because of saving money or any other reason due to your busy schedule. But you should not ignore […]

Boom ! Stock Market is booming..

Boom ! Stock Market is booming.. Indian stock market : The Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and The National Stock Exchange From last few days Stock Market is booming, it touches new heights in almost all sessions. And it attracts new investors, because everyday we see in news saying Stock market at record highs it. Global stock markets also ended the […]

Aadhaar Link with Mobile Number | Do it yourself

Aadhaar Link with Mobile Number | Do it yourself Happy New Year Friends. As many of you know that from 01/01/2018, there are many things are going to change. Like, senior citizens, disabled persons and visually impaired individuals are allowed to withdraw their bank money at home, checkbook issuance, KYC deposit. The mobile number can […]