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Earn at Home | Data Entry | government

Earn at Home | Data Entry | government

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Government of India is giving you a home base job work. And its 100% safe as it is directly from Government of India. Yes check the link below and start earning at home or in your free time.

Digitize India Platform (DIP) is an initiative of the Government of India under the Digital India Program to provide digitization services for scanned document images or physical documents for any organization. The aim is to digitize and make usable all the existing content in different formats and media, languages, digitize and create data extracts for document management, IT applications and records management.

Things you need to Earn Money From Digitize India Platform :

1. A Computer or any smart device (a tab, or a smartphone)
2. An Internet connection.
3. Aadhaar Card
4. Bank account (LINKED TO AADHAAR)

Digitize India(DEiTY) is an initiative of government of India which offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises and for digital contributors (people like us) to make money online by doing simple data entry work.

  1. What type of documents can I digitize using DIP?You can digitize any document image that is human readable and has a defined structure like a printed form or a register with defined rows & columns. However it is suggested that you digitize only those documents which are generated in high volume, have a similar document structure and need frequent access.
  2. What type of data can I extract from the documents?DIP can process and extract multi-lingual text, numeric and alphanumeric data from the document images.
  3. How does DIP ensure the Data quality and accuracy?DIP uses multiple levels of quality checks for verification and validation of the data. It uses image validation technique to ensure that only similar types of documents are processed in a batch. It uses pre-defined field level validations to ensure correct data type entered by the crowd workforce and multi-level data value comparisons through a maker-checker process for data accuracy and quality check. Human validation is used for data fields that fail the automated quality checks. In future DIP will be using pre-defined data dictionaries and machine learning algorithms for higher levels of data accuracy and quality.
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