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Our kids adopt technologies faster than we do

Advice for Parenting in a Digital World

Our kids adopt technologies faster than we do.

We all feel that our children “never do that” Or maybe you know well that they do that but do not know how those things they have done or have seen to deal with. Either way, it is important to know that whatever filters you have in place, whilst important, they are never going to stop their children from seeing the content that is unfair.

Three out of four parents lack knowledge about social media, shows a recent survey. parents need to increase awareness and knowledge of social media.Parents can be flexible to teach their children who will allow their child to ‘bounce back’ from some of the ‘online nastiness that they can inevitably experience or inspect. Parents can help their children to enhance their social and emotional skills so that children will be able to understand and manage their emotions and their online social world.

Teach kids the skills they need to use technology wisely and well. It is hard to keep away from technology risks in a world without fences. Parents have lost control of the flow of information to kids who see too much and too soon. We no longer hear conversations or see what our kids create and share with others. Since we cannot cover their eyes, or shadow them everywhere, we need to teach them how to see and how to behave responsibly in this high tech world.

We need to help them to become self reflect before they self reveal. It will not come naturally or automatically to kids and certainly not in a world where anyone can be a rock star on YouTube. Explain the essential facts of how the digital world works. They understand cut and paste. Don’t wait until something wrong happens to them!

We don’t see the world the way our kids do. We don’t help our kids when we judge their lives through the lens of a non digital world. It’s important for us to understand that our kids will spend their lives in a connected world where everyone participates in communication and creation.

Parents cannot afford to be technophobic. Our kids adopt technologies faster than we do. That means they’re often way out in front of us. This fact upsets the parent/child relationship. So get in the game. Have your kids show you how to do something if you don’t know.

Kids don’t understand the implications of their actions. But we do. We have to remember to extend our basic parenting wisdom to the digital world. We teach kids to use their words, play nicely with others, and respect their teachers – now we have to extend that to a vast, invisible world.

One of the most important jobs of parenting is instilling in our kids the values we cherish. But in a world where actions are often divorced from consequences, where kids can be anonymous, and where they aren’t face to face with the people they communicate our kids can lose their way. As parents, we have to be able to translate our values into the digital world and help kids understand the implications of their actions.

It’s hard to know how much freedom to give our kids. We want them to explore, enjoy, communicate, and create. We also want to be sure they are protected or they know how to protect themselves. If our kids are going to thrive with digital media, we must balance the negative with the positive, privacy with protection. As our children grow, they need more independence and privacy. But parents have to be sure kids know how to be safe and responsible before letting them loose. Our kids need to see both the possibilities and the perils so they can act responsibly and seize all that is wondrous and have it enrich their lives as people and citizens.


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