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Make distance from the phone

Addiction of Smartphone

Smartphone addiction is harmful to anyone. Then whether they are children or bigger then On the one hand, there is a change in behavior of children due to excessive usage of smart phones. On the other hand, the relationship between the couples can also be spoiled. Lack of sleep, lack of time in personal relationships, etc. There are many reasons which give rise to this problem. If smart phones are not used smartly then many kinds of stupid people can be born.

So now the question arises, what if it is not possible to make distance from the phone due to professional or personal reasons? How to get rid of this addiction?

Let’s tell you suggestions. By using them, you will be able to use the phone properly but will also be able to enjoy Real Life rather than virtual life.

Some rules to be followed:

No Phone Zone:

Stop charging the phone in your bedroom. Because, this is a place where you recharge yourself.

Also add the kitchen to the no phone zone. Especially those parents should do this, who wants to keep their children away from phone addiction. Parents restrict their children strictly to the food table on the table.

Decide time:

Where the phones in the house should be used, decide when and how long the phone should be used.

As soon as you return home from the office, remove the phone as the whole family gathers. After finishing office, there is no such requirement for the phone. And if this is necessary then people will call you. Check it out once. Sleep will also come true. Married life will also look sore. The balance between the home and the office will also remain. It means that there will be some peace in life.

Social Media:

Keeping distance from social media from time to time is beneficial for relationships as well as health. Although there is no law for this, you can still start by distance from social media for a week. In the meantime, you will also know how severely the social media addiction has gripped you and how difficult it will be to get rid of it.

In the beginning, let you know about this matter to your friends on social media. After that, practice it on a regular basis and gradually increase this interval.

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Turn off notifications:

The notification is the virtual version of the people. So do not hesitate to do such a thing by saying goodbye. Notifications increase the heart rate of the people, raise anxiety. Because your attention remains stuck in what the message has to be written in the end. And if he does not see it immediately, he starts restless. This is addiction.

Do not rely on the app to solve your problems:

With the increase of the number of smart phones, there has been a flood of apps. Everyday new apps are launched. App can be beneficial for a short time, but in the long run, it is not of any use. Taking phone support to avoid trouble of the phone is a stupidity.

Make friends:

Having children, people have difficulty in making friends. Due to shortage of time. But there should be some friends outside the house too. And if you are not a partner outside the house then you have trouble. Parenting is sometimes very frustrating and lonely. In this case, the phone itself becomes its companion.

It is true that a phone is needed to talk to friends and make plans to meet them. But this is the right use of the phone. Make plans, keep your relationship with friends and then make the phone shore.

Spend time with family:

Children are advantageous to avoid excessive use of smart phones. This is a very simple solution. Whenever you need to use your phone, go to your children or partner. Sit with them and talk.

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