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More use of social media may detrimental to your mental health

More use of social media may detrimental to your mental health

According to a recent research, much of social media use has negative effects on the mental health.

According to experts, more use of the social media platform the behavior and lifestyle changes. It also has a bad impact on education and personal relationships. Most of the people do not realize that they are suffering from this problem. According to Psychiatric, ‘Most of the youth are exploited on these, or they seem to be addictive. In both cases psychological problems occur’

Over use of Social media is getting more vulnerable

Even if you feel “good” by using Face book, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. for your friends to be in touch. But Exaggeration of their use is adversely affected. According to a recent research, social media addiction can make you oblivious.

In this age of social media, people live online every time or are engaged in any other work, and their mind is always remains busy at all times and it is not easy to find comfort. They cannot find the time to complete the process of keeping their minds safe. This affects direct practical life. More use of social media increases the burden of information on the brain. So thus the mind keeps remembering less information for a long time.

Effects on relationships

In the beginning, the social media was the aim of the new media to add people to each other as well as strengthen the communication medium. In this motive, social media was also successful. But it has also affected social relations. Every coin has two sides, as in another aspect, the social media has interfered with people’s relations.

Let’s talk about the impact of social media and its societal relationship.

In the beginning, such websites have strengthened the mutual relationship, but now it has become a cause of a problem. So be sure to talk to your partner once before logging in and share your personal life with the world. Social networking can cause resentment in a relationship. When your partner spends time with you on a more social networking site, your feelings are hurt. It is the feelings that person himself feels neglected.

Face book, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. connects people to the likes-dislikes and social realm of their friends and relatives. This whole programme does not include any direct conversations or meeting place. People opinion about someone on Face book or Twitter based on the post and comments shared by the person.

The effect based on image display

Social Media is such a platform, by which anyone can share their ideas with other persons. Face book and Twitter allow others to see our friends. In the meantime, there are many different groups of people (close friends, family, acquaintances, friends, colleagues and strangers) who face challenges in their perfect presentation.

Potential threats to social networking site

Youngsters are using Social Networking not only for making friend, but also for finding girl and boy friend. In current age the social networking has come in the role of the marriage counselor. It has also become the reason for creating soured in the mutual relationship of the two peoples. The fake profile is also an example. While online, some people show themselves as they are not in real life. Later on, knowing reality creates a rift in the relationship.