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Update Your Software Regularly

Update Your Software Regularly

You may have got an alert to update the operating system and computer software or mobile OS. But you may have postponed the same update on next day, week, or even months. Either because of saving money or any other reason due to your busy schedule. But you should not ignore it always. Do know why? then keep on reading.

There are chances that your smartphone or computer that contains a chip hackers could potentially exploit to get access to sensitive information.

Software vulnerability is usually a security hole or weakness found in an operating system or software program. Hackers exploit this weakness by writing code to target a specific vulnerability, which is packaged into malware. These exploits can infect your computer with no action on your part other than viewing a website, opening a compromised message, or playing infected media.

One of the most overlooked features on computers today is the built in ability to automatically update software. Keeping your operating system up-to-date is vital for a healthy computer in today’s environment. Software manufactures are constantly fixing software bugs, updating driver for new devises, and making improvements on the software that you use every day.

Reason to Update

  1. The old software makes a huge security hole.

One of the most common reasons is to keep around old software because it cannot run on the new operating system.  New software revisions include new features and functionality that increase your efficiency.  New software releases correct bugs from previous revisions. A regular updated schedule ensures quality and testing, while reducing potential issues and getting caught up with “Guard Scramble”.

  1. Old Software Wastes a Lot of Time.

That money saves you money you do not spend on an update for your software. That’s the bottom line, no doubt. But do not you see in that annual budget “is a line item for wasted time.” Wasted time is the biggest money to suck old money from old software and old hardware.

  1. You’ll miss out on new and exciting features.

From this time an app has released, developers are constantly looking to add new and improved features to make end user experience that much better.

  1. Your documents are at risk without the latest updates

When you consider how almost everything is stored digitally in this day and summer, your documents suddenly seem at risk more than ever before. Some malware can actually erase your documents and simultaneously broadcast it from your computer to a remote server.

Now let us know The Difference between Software Updates and Upgrades

Software Upgrade

A software upgrade provides a significant change or improvement on your current version that is a new version of your software. Software requires the purchase of new versions of your software, usually at a lower price than you would pay if you buy the software for the first time.

Software Update

A software update (also known as a software patch multiple times) is a free download for an application or software suite that provides fixes for features that are not working, says intentional or slight software enhancements and compatibility .  An update can also include driver updates that improve the operation of hardware or peripherals or add support for new models of peripherals.

So Say Yes, You Should Always Update Your Software

We like to hear your thoughts on the necessity of software upgrades. How often do you upgrade software in your automation environment? Submit a comment below to join the conversation. technology