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What actually the smart city is?

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Hello friends, as we all know that our city Dahod has nominated for Smart City project. But have you ever think : How Dahod can be a real Smart City ? We, the people of Dahod need to be Smart first. We need to change bad habits, thinking, behavior and more. Because, just by spending billions of rupees, making big roads and making heighten buildings, it will not become smart city.

As per the latest announcement there are 90 cities selected for part financing by the Center under the smart city scheme. Where do we stand ?

Dahod, the biggest town of the tribal heartland of central Gujarat, Rajkot, the financial capital of Saurashtra region and state capital Gandhinagar were included in the list of 30 under the Smart City Mission. Rajkot ranked third while Gandhinagar and Dahod were ranked at nine and 22 respectively.

So let’s go in little deep, what actually the smart city is:

Prime Minister Mr. Modi has vision to make smart cities in India to enhance the Resident population. He wants to build 100 smart cities in India therefore government has made “comprehensive plan” for the management of urban green spaces.

In various news report and documents it is demonstrated that the guidelines to recognize a city as the smart city will be prepared by the department of industrial policy and promotion. The standards for being recognized as a smart city must have three of the five infrastructure requirements such as energy management, water management, transport and travel, safety and security and solid waste management. Prime Minister had strongly raised the issue of unemployed youths migrating from their home towns to technologically developed cities such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. to improve their lifestyle and gain prosperity which is causing huge economic problems.

The concept behind developing the smart cities is to create highly advanced urban regions in terms of overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate, communications and market viability.

Positive impact on real estate

Improving the quality of life of smart cities and hoping to give a major boost to real estate in urban areas

As per the white paper the largest chunk of spending in smart city projects will be in areas related to real estate. Smart City initiative is likely to have multi-pronged impact on real estate. Smart cities will create more jobs facilitating the economic development of urban centers. Expansion of physical as well as information and communication infrastructure will generate more employment opportunities and improved standards of living for residents.

With the allocation of land and capital, affordable homes will receive a significant impetus from the Smart Cities Mission. As more homes are built for lower income groups, fresh demand will be created, energizing the housing market.

The synergy of public and private sectors through partnerships will play a key role in the building of smart cities. They will be instrumental in gathering the necessary finances and efficient delivery of utilities and services. These initiatives will kick start a pooling of capital from private enterprises and developers towards developing joint ventures within the smart cities.

The office space market will be a direct beneficiary of improved infrastructure and connectivity promised by the Smart Cities initiative. Moreover, the development of smart cities will also push the demand for other asset classes such as hotels, service apartments and shopping malls.

Most promising cities

The Government of India has shortlisted cities from all regions of India with high economic and industrial potential. With their upcoming infrastructure projects and other growth drivers, here are five cities which hold a distinct advantage and can be safe belts for ‘smart’ real estate investments:

A smart city is the result of the efforts of many stakeholders, working together in partnerships of different shape and form. Cities don’t become smart on their own or even overnight – they require a government that has vision and the will to make tough decisions, ably backed by municipal authorities and urban local bodies.

Main features of “100 Smart City” Project: According news reports, following are key attributes of smart city.

  • Smart Traffic system.
  • Automatic traffic signal.
  • Better Hospitals.
  • Better Public transport facility.
  • Quick accident relief.
  • Data Centre.
  • And more.
  • Good education and education for all
  • 24 hours helpline

So, are we all ready to make our city the best smart city ?

Please leave your comments and ideas in below box, how we can make it possible !

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