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WhatsApp ! WhatsApp ! WhatsApp ! How many you need ?

WhatsApp ! WhatsApp ! WhatsApp ! How many you need ?

Do you ever need more than one WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or any android applications ?

If “YES” then this is for you !

Now a days, social activities are increasing day by day. And it has been used for personal purpose as well as business purpose. So here is a solution, how you can separate your social media identity with individual applications which you are already using. You can create different Whats App account, Facebook accounts, Hike or other mobile applications as per your need for different purposes.

There is one application called “MoChat”. There are so many other applications also available in store, which can do the same. But this one I have used personally and it’s working fine. But you can check others too.

Create as many as :

About MoChat .

MoChat is the first App on Android to helps users log in more than three accounts at the same time on one device. It’s as small as 2Mb, runs much faster and more steady than other similar apps. Whats’s more, It’s FREE forever.

MoChat(Clone App)–Clone Multi Parallel Accounts is a Social app Clone App. Very Simple to use, Just install and follow the steps ! That’s all !

Download Link can be found Below


Log in to multiple accounts of social networking apps simultaneously on one device:
• Balance between users’ life and work easily.
• Data from multiple accounts won’t interfere with each other.
Play two different accounts, switch with just one tap:
• Run two accounts simultaneously and switch between them fast with one-tap to effective manage different accounts.
• Easily add the applications you want to clone whenever and wherever possible.
Accelerate and clean up simply:
• Click on the button “Accelerate”, to deep clean the phone memory.
• Automatic periodic cleaning of memory.
Participation to win rewards:
• Use Mochat and participate in questionnaire, have a chance to win 100 rupees calls!
Always stay online:
• Ensures that the application has been online, the WhatsApp and Facebook messages are always received in a timely manner.
• Powerful, stable & easy-to-use.
• Unique: Mochat is based on multiDroid, the first application virtualization engine on Android.

Download Link :

You can also download from Google Play Store.

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